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India, the exporting opportunity for the Tunisian products

Jul 11, 2012

Tunisian products can have a potential part of the Indian market," said Mr. Jemery Chauvet, a
Russian expert operating on the Indian market, at a meeting held Wednesday by "Class Export Tunisie", with attendance of some 40 Tunisian businessmen.

"With a population of over 1,3 billion people and a surface area of 3 million square km, India is considered as "an entrepreneur country" that recorded in 2011 an economic growth of 8,8%," he added.
India has a continuously increasing domestic demand and a market based on price and not on quality, and provides several growth sectors, namely industrial equipment, cars, high technologies, textile, infrastructure, mechanical engineering.

As regards Tunisian-Indian exchanges, Mr. Chauvet reminded that the amount of exports and imports recorded in 2009, stood at almost 300 MD, adding that India is the 17th supplier and 9Th  customer of Tunisia.
The main products exported to India are: chemical products, fertilizers, mobile phones, textile and dates.
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