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Burma Muslim massacre – Why world is still silent????????????????

Jul 17, 2012

Where is the United Nation? Where is the Muslim World League? Where are those Saudis and those Rich arabs? Where are you Mr Ben Talal, why don’t you use your money, your influence or your friends in the West and South East Asia to make pressure on government of Burma. Where is Sheikh qardaoui? Hello? Anybody out there? How can continue living when you see this? Mr Richard Gere, why dont’ you call your Dalai Lama? Where are those western medias.

Why world is still silent?????

Massive number of Muslim killings in Burma tells what international “justice” standard stands for. Since Burma lacks oil (resources in general) and its Muslims who are the open target there, the world gladly continues to live on with the so called war against terror and is not willing to pay a heed to this massacre.

Why all those massacre: Let see the story

According to the state media, this killing was in reaction to the rape and murder of a woman in western Rakhine (Arakan) State, bordering Bangladesh. Three Muslim men were detained. Since then more than 80 people have been killed in a wave of communal violence in western Myanmar.
Burmese Government does not consider Rohingya Muslims as citizens and are hated by the Buddhists. Rohingyans have long demanded recognition as an indigenous ethnic group with full citizenship by birthright, claiming a centuries-old lineage in Rakhine. But the Government regards them as illegal immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh and denies them citizenship.
UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Myanmar, Tomás Ojea Quintana, said at a recent visit to Myanmar, discrimination against the Muslim community, particularly the Rohingyas in Rakhine State, was the root cause of the violence, stressing the need for the authorities to take steps to address “long-standing issues of deprivation of citizenship, freedom of movement, and other fundamental rights” for the Rohingyas.

Even Nobel Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, does not consider Muslims as citizens. Speaking at London School of Economics meeting last week during her visit to the UK, she said Rohingya Muslims should be considered as permanent residents but not as citizens. During a press conference in Downing Street last Thursday, she did not condemn the killings of Rohingya Muslims, instead she said, “Ethnic conflict plaguing the country” should be investigated and “dealt with wisdom.”

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